Staging Theatre Intimacy: A Conversation of Community Standards

Rocky Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance and Colorado Theatre Guild join together to host  Staging Theatre Intimacy: A Conversation of Community Standards

Join us to learn more about the art of theatre intimacy coordination​ and more about the Community Standards for Theatre

Denver, CO July 8 – Please join us on Monday, August 8th at 7:00 pm at the Auraria Campus at Arts Building, Rm 271 for an informational panel and workshop sponsored by the Colorado Theatre Guild and Rocky Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance (RMASA) focused on staging Theatrical Intimacy best practices and how to incorporate safely staging intimacy in your productions. A Zoom link and recording will be available during and after the event for those who cannot attend live.

This 90-minute session will provide participants with community resources, including an overview of the Community Standards for Theatre and specific tools to take back to rehearsal, auditions, and performance.  We also highly encourage folks to purchase Staging Sex: Best Practices, Tools, and Techniques for Theatrical Intimacy by Chelsea Pace and Laura Rikard, a wonderful step-by-step practical solution guidebook for staging intimacy and great for beginners.  Leaders of the workshop will share techniques learned and practiced in our very own community and provide participants with opportunity to practice, experience the work, and connect with others who are learning the practice. 

The evening will include testimonials from CTG President, Betty Hart, who is an advocate of the Community Standards for Theatre and best practices for staging intimacy, along with other locally-based directors (Amanda Berg Wilson of The Catamounts) and trained intimacy coordinators/choreographers, including Carrie Colton (Metro State University), Tamara Meneghini (University of Colorado Boulder), and Samantha Engle – Owner of Humble Warrior Movement Arts.

This workshop is FREE and open to the public however we ask that you reserve your spot by RSVP’ing here:

The workshop will take place in the Black Box Theatre space on Auraria Campus known as Arts 271.  Rm 271 is located on the 2nd floor of the Arts Building on Auraria Campus next to the library.  There is onsite parking available and you may receive a parking pass as long as you park in the Holly Lot on Auraria Campus.  The address is 777 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80204.

WHAT Staging Theatre Intimacy: A Conversation of Community Standards

WHERE Auraria Campus at Arts 271 plus a virtual Zoom link option and recording will be available for those who cannot attend live

WHEN    August 8 from 7-9 pm (includes 30 min Q & A)


If you would like to join us in spreading the word about the upcoming event or learn more about the Community Standards for Theatre please contact and we can let you know how to help.  For details about the event, please also visit Colorado Theatre Guild.

About Rocky Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance We seek to promote awareness and systems that respect and protect the human in the art – to foster safe places and practices so that artists may safely endeavor to do dangerous things. 

Three years ago, we gathered with artists from throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and began a conversation with the #NotInOurHouse movement of Chicago. Realizing that our region features an incredibly diverse range of artists, creators, and production teams, we spent years attempting to create a new document that better suits the producing entities within our region. Our current document and practices are the result of input from a large and experienced group of theatre producers and artists. It is meant to be flexible and to accommodate as many types and styles of theatre organizations of diverse structures, budgets, and environments as possible. 

Currently, producing entities throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada are testing and providing feedback on this document.  We welcome you to join this artistic community endeavor to improve our industry.

Facebook: Rocky Mountain Artists Safety Alliance

About Colorado Theatre Guild

The Colorado Theatre Guild (CTG) encourages growth and excellence in live theatre in Colorado by creating connections within the theatre community and providing supporting programs and services in education, advocacy, and promotion to patrons, producers, and artists.

We envision a thriving live theatre community in Colorado, where artists, theatres, and patrons are empowered to connect with one another, share resources, create and benefit from increased opportunity, and support each other’s successes and endeavors.



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